Welcome to Scoperta Life Sciences, LLC

Scoperta Life Sciences, LLC. is borne from our clients’ desire to commercialize through a standard distribution company in the United States. Scoperta Life Sciences is a specially designated distribution organization that seeks to help foreign research and biotechnology companies expand the sales of their products to the North American life sciences market. We seek to greatly optimize our client’s sales and growth opportunities through the Scoperta Life Sciences business model. The utilization of the Scoperta Life Sciences service allows for a seamless transition to the Percorso Life Sciences model in the future if our clients so desire.

Scoperta Life Sciences, LLC is a spinoff of Percorso Life Sciences, LLC an organization with a track record of great success and experience in incorporating and operating European-based life science manufacturing companies. Through eleven years of experience within the Percorso Life Sciences model, we have a direct sales team and access to a vast network of sales agents to cover all regions the United States instead of clients seeking to manage multiple US distributors on their own.

Here at Scoperta Life Sciences, LLC, our mission is to provide clients with a specialized and personal approach when commercializing their technology and product portfolio. Scoperta is limiting its representative partnerships to 10 organizations, each unique, without internal competition, with the competency to provide a productive and an efficient level of customer support to maximize their commercial presence in North America.