Scoperta functions as a direct distribution network that allows for companies to sell their products over all regions of the United States and Canada. Our network of direct sales agents coupled with a team of indirect agents placed strategically through out the country gives you the maximum benefit for sales of your products in all geographic regions. As a result, there is no need for our clients to manage multiple distribution partners.

Benefits of choosing Scoperta as your North American distributor.

  1. Directly employed sales agents.
  2. Logistics.
  3. Marketing strategies and lead generation
  4. Secure warehouse with temperature-controlled freezers and refrigerators.
  5. Sales agents that cover all regions of the US and Canada.
  6. Limited number of clients eliminating internal product conflict.
  7. Benefits of working with one sole distributor.

Our import and export partners allow for us to see that all products being shipped to North America arrive safely and soundly to our warehouse and to the customers.

Many of the orders can be packed here on site and sent directly to the customer via overnight shipping, reducing wait time and allowing our customers to complete their tasks at a much faster rate.

Easily transition from our Scoperta distribution model to our Percorso Life Sciences model.