Beta-Eye Imaging System

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Beta-Eye Imaging System

“β-eye”, newly introduced in the “eye”-series, is a dedicated coincidence camera
suitable for in vivo molecular imaging of biomolecules and nanoparticles.
“β-eye” is a unique benchtop system for whole-body mouse imaging. Its 5x10cm2
field-of-view allows static and fast dynamic studies.
“β-eye” is the only truly portable coincidence system, offered in a safe suitcase
with all components and ready for immediate use.
The “eye”-series fulfil the gap between ex vivo biodistributions and advanced
multimodal imaging systems. Planar mode is the most efficient method for fast in
vivo screening of various biomolecules and this is what the “eyes” offer.



β-eye is a unique benchtop system with 5x10cm2 field of view, suitable for whole-body coincidence mouse imaging. It provides static and fast dynamic images with user-selection time frame. All studies can be stored as raw data and in a DICOM format and are handled through a Database Manager. The visual│eyes software supports a real-time viewer mode with selectable time frame as well as a post processing mode, where various tools are adapted.