Sepmag Cell 2/5ml

Sepmag Cell 2/5ml


Thanks to the innovative technology developed by those who brought you the Sepmag N and Q, you can now harness the power of high-quality magnetic separation in the palm of your hands. This sleek, and ergonomically designed magnetic separator is ideal for bead separation in small vials with fast and efficient results. Through Sepmag’s more than 15 years of experience in Biomagnetic Separation they introuce to you  a new family of Cell Separation-dedicated products.

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▪Shorter separation time.

Due to its strong force, the separation time can be reduced up to 1/20 of the time traditional R&D separators take. Having each hour of separation speeded-up to just 3 minutes, it is the ideal solution for applications with SPIONs and magnetic nanoparticles.

▪Efficient recovery and higher cell viability.

The radial and constant magnetic force assure an efficient recovery of the particles, regardless of its initial position or the viscosity of the buffer. It also provides an even and gentler retention, assuring the viability of the captured cells.

▪Easy handling and pouring.

Its small dimensions and low weight allow an easy handling. The user can avoid pipetting, since it’s possible to simply decant the supernatant.


No additional equipment, nor set-up operations are needed. As soon as unpacked, the system can be used.


Systems using strong Rare-Earth magnets can be dangerous. Our systems are designed with minimal stray field, allowing their use near computers or other instruments without danger and protecting our users.

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Weight: 370g
Height: 45mm
ø int: 12mm
ø ext: 92/67